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Wine tastings are good.

This new little spot opened up near me called 320 Wine Lounge on La Brea and I can happily report that I’ve had a few lovely evenings there. They have good service and a great wine list. This is a … Continue reading

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Honestly, the BEST braised short ribs I’ve ever made…it’s true.

I’m not gonna lie, I love making braised short ribs. Winter, Spring, Summer or Fall… these meaty bites never fail. They make a kitchen and the entire house smell amazing. They are simple, but they MUST be bff’d with some … Continue reading

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Heirlooms scream bruschetta in my ears

What is it about these amazing and vibrant colored tommies that hit the market this time of year? It’s like a rainbow of plump, juicy and tasty veggies that can make almost any dish just that much prettier! And really, … Continue reading

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Do you shop the markets like me?

Meaning… do you buy stuff ‘just in case you might want to make something with it’ like that? I swear, it’s nice to have a stocked fridge, but sometimes shopping hungry or just in the mood to cook all sorts … Continue reading

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Trying as many recipes as I can!

When my sister comes to visit from Boston she’s been bringing us some recipe booklets that she’s found at her local Whole Paycheck (or officially known as Whole Foods). They’re awesome and the last one she brought out for my … Continue reading

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A food blogger event…. I had no idea!!

I had no idea what i was getting into with starting a food blog. I had no idea that there were ‘events’ for food bloggers and that there is a food blogger ‘clique’ that you may or may not get … Continue reading

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Springtime treats… they’re worth the fuss!

English peas, pea tendrils and fava beans… I wish we could enjoy these treats year round. Right now you can find them at your local farmers market, but since they’re days are limited, I buy them every weekend until they’re … Continue reading

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Possibly the cutest trench ever!

A few days before quitting my job I decided to have one final shopping spree knowing it wouldn’t be the smartest thing to spend needlessly without a paycheck coming in post quit. Figured I’d stock up on some cute spring-into-summer … Continue reading

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Celebrate all you want… the dog still needs to be taken out early the next morning

So, there are many reason to celebrate… birthdays, babies, anniversaries, days that end in ‘y’… you get my drift.  Or you can just have the girls over for some martinis (I’ll blog about those at another point!)  and wine. Why … Continue reading

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My first post… thought it should be about food, of course!

I will promise to take better pix, but this is my first post, so please cut me a little slack. On a visit to Los Gatos to see my folks one weekend, we went to this amazing little italian restaurant … Continue reading

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