The truth about San Francisco that no one ever tells you – pictures not appropriate due to the content of this post

Oh San Francisco … Crissy Field, the Golden Gate Bridge, Coit Tower, Bay Bridge light installation, At&t Park, The Pink Ladies, Noe Valley, Golden Gate Park, the marina area. This is just to name a few beautiful and picturesque places people LOVE to visit and live in SF for. In fact everything in SF is practically picturesque when your chin is pointing straight out or up.

The unspoken truth of SF is revealed when you have to look down.

San Francisco is a really gross city. No seriously… I love it here, but having a dog has shown me a whole new side of this city.

There is a street fair or some event practically every weekend. With these fun events comes alcohol and a ton of young inexperienced boozers that don’t eat, don’t stop drinking and don’t mind where they vom around town. Yes, that’s out there… in quite a few places. Especially after Giants games it seems. That is ONE example of nasty human leftovers I’ve (unfortunately) come across around town which has taught me to be a much more aware dog owner.

Let me tell you about a couple more! Please enjoy.

Another fun thing some humans in SF don’t bother with is restrooms. I’ve had this lesson thrown in my face quite a few times since moving here.

Funny story. So it’s around 9:30pm and taking the hound for her end of eve stroll. A cab pulls over on the street I’m walking along and the driver jumps out while leaving a window rolled down. Thinking ‘that is not a good idea…the thieves in this city are every where!’ So being a good samaritan I holler to him “Hey! You left your window down on this side!” His response? He stops, looks at me like I’m crazy and answers with “I’m just going over here to take a leak.” And walks off to a very public bush off a busy sidewalk. Lesson learned. Again.

Now, SF does have a HUGE homeless issue and it’s impressive that the city is so tolerant. I just feel that if I’m having to yell at my dog to ‘DROP IT’ while she’s sniffed out someone’s #2 from some bush I’m casually walking by that MAYBE something could be done about this. (Side note, my dog doesn’t like/eat dog poop so I know when it’s from a 2 legged creature. So gross.) Or the guy who happened to be squatting against a wall one morning that was along a path I run. He startled me and I startled him and then he quickly tried to pants up. This is the reality of SF. This is also happening in a very nice neighborhood with many tourist attractions around. This isn’t the Tenderloin. Altho, I avoid that area for obvious reasons.

Another fun fact is with the homeless come a lot of left over food being tossed to the side. WAIT!  I shouldn’t just blame the homeless on this one. There are some SERIOUSLY inconsiderate people in this world and it seems like a lot of them live here. The amount of trash, broken bottles, gum, cig butts and lord know what ever else it is that you carefully avoid on the sidewalk is obnoxious!

As I was saying… what comes with all these inconsiderate people seems to be a lot of chicken bones. Like, seriously amazing amounts of chicken bones ALL OVER the sidewalks, lovely grassy parks, hedges in front of homes and building… chicken bones are EVERY WHERE!! It’s shocking seeing that SF is a really dog friendly city. You’d think folks would be a little more considerate and conscious about their littering. But they’re littering in the first place so… guess that says it all.

This post is not meant to deter folks from coming to this beautiful city many people have left their hearts in, it’s merely to make sure you know what the hell you should keep an eye out for.  Don’t walk barefoot for goodness sake. I saw a woman doing that last weekend and almost became one of those people to vom on the sidewalk. I hope she washed her feet when she got home.

Keep your chin up but I’d look down every so often so you don’t step in anything 🙂


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1 Response to The truth about San Francisco that no one ever tells you – pictures not appropriate due to the content of this post

  1. I share both your love for, and reservations about, the city.

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