Heirlooms scream bruschetta in my ears

What is it about these amazing and vibrant colored tommies that hit the market this time of year? It’s like a rainbow of plump, juicy and tasty veggies that can make almost any dish just that much prettier!

Rainbow of tomatoes

And really, this image only shows 3 types, some fresh picked basil and home grown lemon from my mom and dad’s tree. That’s the beauty of making bruschetta, you only need a few ingredients.  I like to mix up my chopped tomatoes, julienned basil, diced shallots (this is my own take cause I love shallots) in a bowl. I squeeze a little fresh lemon juice, splash w/some good olive oil and S&P.

Get in the mix!

Now you might ask “Where’s the garlic?” (if you use garlic in your bruschetta). I like to do something a little different here. I like to sauté some diced garlic quickly in some olive oil and butter and then I place the fresh bought sourdough slices (I buy baguettes from the La Brea bakery when possible.) right into the pan to soak up the oil/butter infused garlic. Get both sides nice and golden and crispy then lay the mix right over it…

Soaking up the juices

Once it’s ready to eat I plate with a drizzle of really really good balsamic vinaigrette and if I have some, sprinkle some fresh feta over it.

Time to eat!

I have to say this was so dang yummy… 2 slices piled on with this mix was almost not enough. At least it’s the middle of summer and plenty more amazing veggies to be eaten!

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