Do you shop the markets like me?

Meaning… do you buy stuff ‘just in case you might want to make something with it’ like that? I swear, it’s nice to have a stocked fridge, but sometimes shopping hungry or just in the mood to cook all sorts of stuff makes you buy items that you just don’t need. Well, not in this case.

Who doesn’t like cheeses and cured meats? If you’re one of those people, you might as well stop reading this blog now. They will be repeat characters.

I’m sure if it was the blogger pizza oven party, Gwyneth’s blog about her pizza oven or what, but I came home the other night and could only think of one thing to make. Brick oven pizza. One problem, no brick oven in my cute little apartment. Nor did I have pizza dough at the ready. Improvise time!

I buy the flat bread from the Greek guys at the farmer’s market every Sunday, it’s so good! I use it for sandwiches, wraps, toasted for hummus and now, another way to devour the delish item. Pizza! I had to see what ingredients I had tho. A few slices of coppa left over, some provolone, some feta and I often buy this olive/veggie marinade at the olive stand at Whole Foods. Such a yummy snack to have around so I grabbed that too. I took the flat bread, drizzled some nice olive oil, layered the provolone and then the coppa. Clearly a slice or two had to be tested … just in case 😉


Let’s see, next I grabbed the whole foods veggie/olive marinade salad thing and took out all the olives and a couple of the veggies. Sliced ’em up and sprinkled them around. Last I took the fresh feta and crumbled that over the top. A certain 4 legged creature started to smell the goods coming together and had to wander over a little piece of coppa.

official food tester

ready for my 'faux brick oven'

I was hungry and wanted food fast. Decided on my little toaster oven. I swear, those things come in handy when you don’t feel like waiting for the big oven to heat up. In I throw it with just a quick drizzle of a little more olive oil. About 10 minutes later at about 400 I pulled this nugget of delicousness out.

20 minute dinner

This totally hit the spot for a quick and easy dinner. Sometimes you just gotta be a little creative in the kitchen! Obviously isn’t brain surgery to put this together, but again, it was about having random ingredients and taking a minute to see what you can put together. Try it!

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2 Responses to Do you shop the markets like me?

  1. That looks insanely delicious. Have you ever tried the pizza dough at TJs? It’s easy and yummy, though not as quick as your on-the-fly treat….

  2. Anne says:

    Looks soooo good. I’m giving up bread for just a couple of weeks before a trip, and now I find myself trolling the internet late at night, looking for bread porn, HA! Seriously, nothing, NOTHING replaces carbs except carbs, and some Greek flatbread sounds awesome right about now. Miss you !

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