A food blogger event…. I had no idea!!

I had no idea what i was getting into with starting a food blog. I had no idea that there were ‘events’ for food bloggers and that there is a food blogger ‘clique’ that you may or may not get into. These people are serious about their food and their opinions, and you know what? They’re deciding the fate of so many restaurants and chefs these days because we’re listening to them! Amazing… just amazing to me. So here is my first food blogger event post… hope I make these very talented and opinionated (and WAY more skilled & advanced than myself) bloggers proud.

Last night my dear friend Anne who happens to be a talented writer & food blogger (also old college roommate) put together an event for a wood fired oven and Brazilian bbq place called Wildwood in Eagle Rock. She invited food bloggers that she’s met in person and some only online through blogging and following to come and enjoy an evening of fresh prepared Brazilian bbq and wood fired pizzas.

I brought my fellow food loving friend, Jen, along and had told her that I volunteered us to get to work should Anne need some extra hands around the event. We arrived, grabbed a glass of wine and looked around… lovely outdoor patio, nice kitchen set up with the oven and rotisserie all set… but no food was to be seen.

About an hour after the requested arrival time the bbq started up with skewered lamb, beef and pork.

We started to see a couple starter pizzas come out from the kitchen… the crust was amazingly yummy!  Then the big boys hit the counter… braised pork belly and short ribs… bbq’d pork butt – probably my favorite meat of the evening.

shredded braised short rib

marinated pork butt

pork belly

But the food wasn’t coming fast enough for the 40 or so people there that came hungry. We hit a lull with food coming out. After the meats were expected the amazing variety of pizzas we’d been promised. Suddenly, after chatting with one of the guys working the event, he decided to pull Jen and I into the kitchen and help out. Yes, we got back there and got to work. Worked with the lovely gal rolling out the dough and topping the pizzas, she’d hand them off to me to throw into the oven. I had never cooked in a wood fired oven! I ended up cooking the pizzas and Jen served them. The food came out quickly and just totally delicious. Check out my handy work:

gotta keep an eye on these, they cook fast!

short rib pizza

tomato, basil & mozzarella

pork cheek pizza

if you can't take the heat, get out the kitchen!

This event turned out be a success… it was a little rocky at first but I think in the end people left full and satisfied. And I learned how to cook in a wood fired oven! Best training is getting thrown into the task. Had a blast and thanks Anne!

If you want to rent the space or take cooking classes from Michael contact him here: http://www.wildwoodovens.com/

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5 Responses to A food blogger event…. I had no idea!!

  1. the minty says:

    It was great meeting you! Ah, you ended up in the kitchen. I was wondering where you had disappeared to! And yes, see you around the food blogger “clique.”

  2. regan says:

    Sounds really fun and the pizzas look awesome!

  3. Anne says:

    You and Jen helped make the event super fun and I can’t thank you enough for coming! I’m not kidding when I say you two should start some sort of company where you both pop in on parties to spice things up- I mean, hello- what party doesn’t need two sassy, smart and gorgeous ladies to make the evening a blast? Give me the 800 number coz I’ll be calling.

    I am so happy that you’re part of the LA food blogging community. As you may have noticed, we need more blondes. No joke!!!

    Love you and so glad we got to share this together:).

  4. Michael Gerard says:

    You are going to get a call back!

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