Celebrate all you want… the dog still needs to be taken out early the next morning

So, there are many reason to celebrate… birthdays, babies, anniversaries, days that end in ‘y’… you get my drift.  Or you can just have the girls over for some martinis (I’ll blog about those at another point!)  and wine.

Why does that last bottle of wine always seem like ‘such’ a good idea!?? At least it was a Jaffurs Mourvédre. Next time you’re in Santa Barbara please make a point to go taste wine at Jaffurs. It’s right downtown and delish! If you’re really up for it you look up the Urban Wine Trail … some great wineries to check out. Municipal is also a fav!

Back the point of this blog… sipping yummy wines til very late is very fun, but the next morning isn’t always. Especially since my darling little dog still wakes up bright and early and needs to be walked. I live in an apartment, a wonderfully big and beautiful apartment, but an apartment none-the-less. So up I went this morning to the park with a slight pain in my head and sudden craving for coffee with a pinch of cinnamon and breakfast sandwich.

My breakfast sandwich

Yes, it’s a bit blurry, but you get the point. And I’m still learning how to shoot food.

The best part of hitting the Farmers Market every Sunday morning is you have these items on hand! It’s Spring and many amazing veggies and fruits are available. I always have to hit the heirloom tomato lady and the avocado guy.  The egg guy is also a must if he’s there!

I keep some sesame bagels in the freezer for instances just like this. This is easy and can be done on any given day.

  • Fry up a piece of bacon
  • slice a couple pieces of avocado
  • slice some tomato
  • slice some cheddar cheese
  • toast a bagel and melt some cheese on one 1/2
  • fry an egg over easy so you get some nice runny yolk
  • stack it up

And that’s it! If you have some prosciutto use that instead of the bacon. So many options!

Off for a hike to sweat some of this wine out!

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